It's been awhile. I forgot how nice it was to vent what is on my mind to strangers (albeit, strangers who can relate). But I wanted to discuss what freedom is as a writer. This isn't some kind of plug, but I just released my first YA Fantasy novel on Amazon (link in the signature if you wanna check it out/read some of it) and the feeling is bizarre. This is a story I've held within me for many years, and the mix of emotions of having it out is something I am not used to. I felt that it was time for it to be released to the world, and it was a powerful thing for me because it was something I held so close to my heart. That sounds dramatic, but I feel like being dramatic is part of the writer's makeup. These stories that I write, they're little insights into my mind and into my soul. So showing that to people is a little scary. Normally, I'm a closed off person, but when I write it's like I shed whatever armor I put up against the world. The entire point I'm making here is this: while it was a little scary to bare my soul, it's one of the most freeing feelings in the world. For awhile (and sometimes still) I'd felt like I was trapped in a cage. I would be angry for no reason. I felt unfulfilled. I hated where I was. While I'm still having issues with this, I feel just a little more free. If you too, for whatever reason, feel trapped, don't worry. Find that outlet, whether it be writing or whatever, that lets you be yourself. I'm working on my own issues, and through writing, I know I'll be able to face everything I fear. I'm so grateful for this, honestly, from the bottom of my heart.