Hi all,
I set up a blog in February 2016, didn't start to regularly post on it until September when I registered for this site. I am still coming to grips with the blog, and how to use it. I am now consistently posting every week, and feel I have that aspect of the blog under control. However I have questions in regards to the blog, which I hope people can answer and hope this is the right sub-forum for?

Below is my blog link.

1. How do I create new pages, I have followed numerous guides that state to just click on pages in the Dashboard and click add page. However that doesn't appear to be adding a new page.
2. How do I add an existing post to that new page, or add a newly created post. The only option in the posting Menu is categories, which I guess isn't what I want because every time I click on the category the post doesn't move to that page.
3. I am still coming to grips with SEO, but any advice on that and how to improve it with my site would be helpful.

Thanks for having a read of my post, this year I plan to be more active on this forum and various other communities.