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Thread: Publishing Advice

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    Sorry, I've gotten out of the habit of checking here, too. Epublishing was easier than I feared it would be, mostly because both Amazon and Smashwords both take Word docs. (I spent two frustrating weeks NOT getting Scrivener to work. Not even the dummy book helped. Fortunately, you don't need it.) Both Amazon and Smashwords convert Word docs to epubs or whatever their preferred format is. Amazon even has this nifty feature where you can view your book ahead of time to make sure the formatting worked.

    Even if you don't want to publish on Smashwords, I strongly recommend going to their site and downloading their free ebook on how to do this. Everything from how to have a linked table of contents to really basic stuff. It helped me a lot, and y'know--free.

    I've got lots of details about how I did this in my blog under the publishing tab. Feel free to contact me with specific questions if you get stuck. Basically, it will take you far longer than you think is possible, but afterward, you wonder why it took so much time. No, you're not stupid--it's just a learning curve. A frustrating one.

    The scary thing is that the system was designed to be used by people who weren't intellectual giants. That helped me grit my teeth and get through it. You know--other people have done this and I can, too.

    I don't see a blog or other social media links in your signature, though. Supposedly, the time to get started on these things is before you publish. I'm still lacking in that area, but from what I've read, we have little chance of developing a readership without at least a couple components to our platform. My favorites are Twitter and my blog, but lots of people use, say, Facebook and Pinterest. I can tell you there are plenty of Christians on Twitter and in the blogosphere to network with, and lots of good links in the blogging and book promotion subforum you might want to check out as well.
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