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Thread: Filles Vertes Publishing

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    practical experience, FTW
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    Nov 2017
    Bump. A.Hintz was tweeting on #MSWL. Eight titles to date. One by Myra. Looks like each title is a different author. That's the only re-conn I did...

    EDIT: Somehow I didn't see this second and third pages of posts when I started reading the thread, though I likely read it in the past. These experiences may well be why Filles Verdes was not on my short list of presses to sub to, though I might add them back. Not sure. I liked Andrea's thinking on the tweet I listed--she has a good perspective on female protagonists.

    And, I sort of expect long waits, and I agree that's frustrating, but if they don't ask for exclusive sub (I haven't checked on that but from the experiences here it sounds like they must not) then I might add them back to the list. I hope to sub to presses this month.
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