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Started a part-time retail job yesterday, in a quiet little birdseed store. My middle-aged boss was trying to train me, but couldn't concentrate because he'd had a car breakdown the previous day and was still rattled about it. As he jumped from topic to topic, I found myself thinking: You need to calm down, sonny.

"Sonny." Even though it was in my head, I still called a middle-aged man "sonny."

I have truly crossed over.
Lol, my biggest comeaway from this post is, "There's an entire STORE just for birdseed?"

I live near what used to be a run-of-the-mill petstore that whittled down their offerings so that now they only handle fish and fish-related products (it's confusing to customers, since they still have the old sign decorated with all kinds of animals), but birdseed is extra-super specialized!