I'm looking for a beta for my YA mystery/suspense novel at 63K words. I'm hoping to exchange with someone that has similar length (and preferably YA)

Here's my query on it.

Molly’s been having strange dreams about a girl being trapped.

Jay grows more and more obsessed with Molly and is being chased by a fox in his dreams.

Miguel struggles with his weight and dreams of food hunting him down.

Latoya dreams of an old lady, haunting her.

Kim of killing her father.

And Eddie dreams of his estranged mother dying.

Together the six teens meet each week to talk about their odd dreams. Dr. Wong, their psychiatrist, conducts a study. Then strange things start happening. Molly sees an interesting story on the news about a missing girl—one strikingly familiar to her dreams. Jay’s behavior worsens. Miguel discovers he’s been sleepwalking. Latoya sees a figure of the old lady in the mall where she works. Kim can’t hold down her anxieties of seeing her father again. Eddie keeps secrets at home and longs to see his mother.

When one teen suddenly dies in a car crash and another drowns, the group starts thinking their dreams are related. After a third person in the group tragically dies, Molly no longer thinks it’s a coincidence. She must figure out what her dreams mean before she’s the next target.