Random Acts of Kindness

A number of people have claimed the phrase as "theirs"; none have really been substantiated as the "creator."

Nonetheless the basic concept is this: Random acts of kindness spontaneously performed by one person for another, often a stranger, help mitigate the unkindess of the world in general.

It can be anything from opening the door, to buying someone's cup of coffee, or just being helpful for someone whose grocery bag has ripped and scattered their groceries all over the sidewalk.

Here a few resources:

Random Acts of Kindness.org
Notice their suggestions or Kindess Ideas.

101 Easy Ideas for Random Acts of Kindess

Pay It Forward

The origins of the phrease "pay it forward" are cloudy. The concept is basically this:

The person who receives or benefits from a good deed instead of repaying the benefator who helped them, helps someone else.

There's a book and a film and a foundation.

But really, it's mostly about people helping people, without expectation of reward or recompense other than helping someone else down the line.

it can be large or small; it can be spotting a stranger five bucks for lunch when they forgot their wallet, buying a burger for someone who's down on their luck, or changing a flat tire for a stranger in distress.

All that matters is that the recipient will in turn "pay it forward" by helping someone else.