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Thread: Knauer, Beverly

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    Knauer, Beverly

    Title: The Line Between
    Author: Beverly Knauer
    Publication Date: November 4, 2016
    Publisher: Wise Words Press
    Format: print, ebook
    ISBN: 978-0997730319
    Price: $12.99 (paperback) $2.99 (e-book)

    Logline or Blurb:
    You thought it was about the happily ever after … when all along it was about the story

    To their friends in San Diego, Sophie and Neil Beaumont are a successful, happy couple. One rainy night in 1987, that illusion is shattered. As Sophie struggles to pick up the pieces of her life, she doubts that the aching hole in her heart will ever heal. But everything changes when her best friend’s child, Jonathan, is born. Feeling a sense of hope, she has an intuition that he will be a beloved soul she knew in a past life. Their strong connection inspires her to embark on a journey of personal transformation that changes the course of her life.

    Prior to his birth, Jonathan and his team of spirit guides create his intricate soul plan. His life purpose is to share wisdom from the spirit world with others, to help them live their lives with less suffering. However, as the result of an unexpected event, he disconnects from the spirit world, and without access to that unique knowledge he was born with, he finds himself at the mercy of his own heartbreaking struggles. His spirit team is determined to help him meet his mission—after all, people like Sophie are depending on him. But can they find a way to help him awaken?

    The Line Between is an inspirational story of hope, loss, friendship, forgiveness, transformation, and eternal love. It speaks the language of the soul and reminds us to embrace all of our life experiences—the everyday routine, the miraculously mesmerizing, and the rip-your-heart-out tragic moments—as equally meaningful.


    Link to author's website:
    Thumbnail of cover:

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