Awful news... 2016 has been quite unbelievable for the deaths of celebrities, and now there is yet another beloved face we won't be seeing any more. Janet Wright, the wonderful Canadian/British actor, has died at the age of 71. No cause of death has yet been announced.

Janet is most well-known for playing the tough, whip-smart wife and mother Emma Leroy in Corner Gas (one of the best comedies of recent years, in my opinion), but she did much more than that. Her career as a TV and film actor covered nearly half a century, and she was a formidable theatre performer too. However, the thing that always comes to mind when I think of her is the Rachel Davis Foundation, an organisation that she founded after her daughter (Rachel Davis) intervened when she saw someone being viciously attacked in the street, and was shot and killed.

God bless you Rachel, and God bless you Janet. I thought you were wonderful. Rest in peace. xxx