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Thread: Resources

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    Quote Originally Posted by KateSmash View Post
    And, in a lot of ways, silent tolerance of hatred is worse than those frothing at the mouths to destroy lives.

    I'm collecting resources about how to be an ally—not only in terms of QUILTBAG, but in terms of other minorities that are likely to be targets.

    We're still collecting resource links, but I need to get the ones we've got compiled and posted in their new home.

    If you look in this thread and have suggestions for a new resource, please.

    Check the link
    Determine what kind of resource it is
    Create a link based on the Website's title
    Write a brief one or two sentence annotation.

    See sample below

    And I'll combine them all.

    Thanks much—

    Sample Format

    How to Be an Ally
    Human Rights Campaign How To Be an Ally
    A short list of ways to be an ally for QUILTBAG/LGBT people. As the site says: “An “ally” is a term used to describe someone who is supportive of LGBT people. It encompasses non-LGBT allies as well as those within the LGBT community who support each other, e.g. a lesbian who is an ally to the bisexual community.”

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