Hello everyone. New here and wanting to get the word out about a new anthology we are working on. Details are as follows if you'd like to write something and submit it.

Basic info here

MASHED:The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror! (Tentative Title)
Short Story Anthology

What We Want: Stories that make us laugh, make our skin crawl and leave us feeling inappropriately aroused. Preferably all three! Combine food, eroticism and horror. Have fun!
Any sub-genre sci-fi, western, just keep it interesting and unexpected humor is always encouraged!

Must be your own original work of fiction. No fan fiction and no copyrighted material you do not own the rights to.

Story Length: 4-8 Stories 500-2500 pieces Pays up to $10, ($0.01c per word up to a maximum of $10)
4 Stories 2500-5k pieces (20k) Pays up to $20 ($0.005c per word up to a maximum of $20)
2 Stories 5-10k pieces (20k) Pays $30 ($0.005c per word up to a maximum of $30)

Full details here http://www.grivantepress.com/submissions/mashed/