Sorry to be so late responding but I'm in the middle of directing Monty Python's Spamalot. One of the sticky threads here used to have a series of links to script writing software. I haven't looked in a while but the BBC used to have a series of macro's for Microsoft Word that allow you to write scripts in their format. There is also a program called Page2Stage that is free. It is available but the company that wrote it no longer supports it. It has a pretty steep learning curve but is very fast once you get it down.

I do 99% of my play writing and re-writing in a black college lined composition book with good old pen and ink. I usually type it into WordPerfect but sometimes I dictate it with Nuance Dragon naturally speaking. I find that I spend too much time looking at what I have written, editing and tweaking format when I try to type as I write.

I don't worry about putting the play into standard play format until the play is close to production. If anything, my plays look like the Acting Editions available from French, Dramatists and others where the goal is most dialog in fewest pages. I do all of my editing and re-writing on printed pages with my pen and ink so paper use is important. I get about a minute and a half per page with the Acting Edition format. When I have a reading of my play, the actors are very familiar with the Acting Edition format.

Just my thoughts.

Doug B