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Thread: New Next Level Workshop Scheduled

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    New Next Level Workshop Scheduled

    Morning, all!

    This message is for writers who want to master and hone the basic tools of fiction from POV to plotting to writing smart dialogue. Apart from my own writing, I also teach the craft, formerly at two colleges in N.Y., but lately online, through my own online Next Level Workshops-- which, I’m proud to say, is one of the few writing courses recommended by Absolute Write. I don’t offer many workshops, just a couple a year, but I have one coming up shortly called One Good Scene, and I’d like to invite you to consider it.

    Imagine you’re making a film on a strict budget, and every scene costs a million dollars. How carefully would you plan your scenes? How much would you expect of each?

    Writers have budgets, too, though they’re measured in words instead of dollars. How can we make sure we’re getting the most out of our investment? Is our POV optimal for the story? Does the setting contribute to the scene? What must every scene accomplish to earn its place in the novel?

    One Good Scene is a course that grew out of my previous careers as a literary agent and editor. In those capacities, I believe I read more first novels than any living slush-pile survivor, and of course eventually one comes to see patterns. For me, I usually knew by the end of the first scene whether or not the work would prove publishable, not because I’m such a genius, but because the skills that go into the crafting of a single good scene are precisely those needed for the crafting of a novel. No matter how clever the story concept, absent the ability to write a good scene, there is no hope of producing a good novel.

    On the other hand, writers who could put together a few shapely, tense, fully realized scenes in a row got my full attention. That was true then; it’s still true today. The purpose of One Good Scene is to master and hone the basic skills of fiction writing, as embodied in the scene.

    That’s a lot of ground to cover, so this 7-week online workshop is intensive. Each weekly session includes a lecture, writing assignment, peer critiques, and personal feedback from me on every assignment. For more info, including tuition and topics to be covered, please see the listing on my website. (Notice the money-back warranty for people who start the course and find it’s not right for them—it hasn’t happened often, but isn’t it nice to know it’s there?) From there you can also click on “testimonials” to see comments from former students.

    The class will begin on Nov. 3 with a one-week orientation session. I keep these workshops small, because they are so intensive. This class is nearly full, but there’s room for a couple more, and I love having AWers in the mix. Let me know here if you have questions or want to enroll, or drop me a line at next.level.workshop@gmail.com.

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