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Thread: Rules for the Paying Markets Forum

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    Rules for the Paying Markets Forum

    General Rules for Paying Markets

    • Please do not criticize low payment rates.
    • Posts containing complaints and criticisms of pay rates may be deleted without notice.
    • When posting a paying market here, please state the rate in the title of your thread, preferably something along these lines:

    Subject of thread [Payment: $50 per 50 words]
    Don't Pay to Play

    Writers should not pay for a writing job! In James D. Macdonald's words:

    Money always flows toward the writer.

    The only place an author should sign a check is on the back, when they endorse it.

    If you're wondering why a thread or post you made has been moved:

    On the main forum listing for AW, under “Paying Markets” it says:

    Editors, please post paying opportunities for writers here. (Pay rates & terms must be listed, especially if a company itself is posting a lead. If a member is posting a lead they received secondhand, it is permissible that they may not know the pay rate & terms.)
    * This includes legitimate paying opportunities that members may know of. If in doubt, feel free to post your market here, and if need be I will move it.

    • It’s fine to chit-chat in some of the threads, because it can help warn or encourage others about good and not-so-good markets that have been listed. However, the original intention of this forum was for editors and markets to post opportunities here, sort of a "classified section" for writers.
    • If you have a special goal that you've met, or an accomplishment, rather than starting a new thread about it here, share it in the Goals & Accomplishments forum.
    • Threads that concerning questions or rants by members about particular markets would be better off in the Freelance Writing forum, in most cases, as you will get a lot more responses there.
    • “I did it!” threads would probably be more appropriate in the Goals & Accomplishments forum, Announcements forum, or Office Party forum.
    • Posts that are introductions about you will fare better in the Newbie forum.
    • Threads and/or lists of other questionable/generic recommended markets are probably more appropriate for the Networking/Sharing Leads forum. There's a sticky thread at the top of this forum specifically for those of you who recommend markets. Please post markets there.
    • If you've found a paying writing opportunity that you wish to share, please do so in either this forum (Paying Markets) or the Networking: Sharing Leads forum. The description for Networking: Sharing Leads is:
      Writers, swap market info here—guidelines, contact info, publishing news and changes.
    • If you have something you wish to discuss with other Freelancers, such as questions about a market, or concerns about a query being unanswered, please do so in the Freelance Writing forum.

    Reporting Posts

    If you see a post that strikes you as problematic, inappropriate or spammy, please use the Report Post button or PM the mods Cathy C or regdog.

    Thanks for working with us on this.

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