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I believe there has been at least 1 and possibly 2 changes in ownership since they first opened but that still doesn't excuse the terrible behavior and lack of professionalism that I've been reading about here on this forum.
Changes in ownership, or major staff changes are not a good sign, especially in a small business. New people in a couple of key positions, in a small company can make a major difference to the future. Also, why did ownership change and why did the new owner buy it? These are things you may never know the answers to, but are good to ponder.

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I would obviously prefer to submit my m/s to a publisher, but this is making me very wary. If a long established small publisher like this can be going so horribly wrong, what's to stop a newer one from collapsing also?
Absolutely nothing. Watch for changes in ownership, changes in policies, changes in circumstances, or in the direction of the company. And, how much back up is there, if a crucial staff member takes ill or takes off?
And, watch out for people for whom publishing is a sideline: if they talk about their families frequently, or they have day jobs, or they're writers themselves, well, your book isn't exactly a priority, is it?