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Thread: Unsurprisingly, Chomsky was wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xelebes View Post
    So thought comes out of work and not the other way around? Heh.
    Makes sense, considering we think with our bodies. The whole mind/body separation in western philosophy and psychology is kinda odd if we think about it that way.

    Quote Originally Posted by dinky_dau View Post

    Oh well. If Chomsky's theory (of universal grammar) is outmoded; then so be it. I'm pretty sure his ego isn't wounded by this turn-of-events. Happens all the time in science. If it's no longer relevant, that's fine. But this not to say that Chomsky's early work nor his career was useless, or not undertaken in good faith. He still helped the field progress; he still took a step forward into an unknown territory. It was a theory, after all. Theories provoke research. I feel the guy still deserves all our respect.

    Just my opinion, of course.
    Absolutely. Most founders of various scientific fields have been proven wrong to great degree, but they're still honored. He helped advance science, and that is no mean feat. All scientists are wrong even when they're right, and that's what makes discovering the unknown so exciting!
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