For some reason, I'm now (for the past few weeks and getting more frequent) being solicited nearly daily, sometimes several times a day, to write and edit for content sites. Some make sense, business, DIY/home improvement, technology, firearms, etc. since I have written in those areas online and in print before. Some is less than sensible, child psychology (I have no kids and no background in psychology), health and nutrition (I'm fat, lazy, never exercise and my favorite foods include anything with extra gluten) and automotive reviews (I've written plenty of reviews, but never written anything remotely automotive).

These requests are from major, most would call them legitimate, web content sites, no phishing or other nefarious links, and the pay listed is relatively low, no outrageous promises or any other indicators that these are ways to part me from my meager savings. All are for 300-500 word articles, none are "rewriting" existing content and most require some type of rather serious research or knowledge of the field.

So, did I get on some list and am pretty much getting spammed? Is this in anyway common? Or potentially legit? Currently I'm ignoring the requests, but I wouldn't mind developing some relationship with some of these content sites. There are even some I have pitched to in the past with mediocre to moderate success (1 actual sale, several "We have this already in the pipeline" and a couple "We no longer need this type of article but we are looking for..." responses).