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Mi Oh. If you can get the essay down to a couple of pages feel free to post it here. We've had many threads started by member introspections.
The problem, of course, is that the writing was all in the AWC quick reply editor. I was not thinking about anything else except the writing, so I didn't copy-and-paste it into a document that was savable. When my browser crashed and I restarted it, the editor pane opened blank. Often (usually?), it opens with the text I had been writing miraculously there. I know the editor auto-saves, but where does it auto-save to???? I couldn't find anything saved in various temp files or caches that I checked.

At any rate, the essay is gone. Most of the time when I'm in that state and lose the writing to a snafu, I can't recreate it. I can write something new, but never the thing that had been written. Sometimes the new thing feels like it's better. The feeling I have about this essay is that it was unique, and I just need to accept that it's gone.

What I posted above was what I had saved from the original P &CE post. I was going to add it to this essay I've been working on called "Forty Years (Arbaim Shanaim)," which is why I had saved it.

Thanks, both of you, for your encouragement! The next time I find that I'm in that state, I'll be sure to copy what I'm doing into Word to save and finish it.

One thing I've learned is that writing to someone in particular really influences how I write and how easily I write. It's a lot like the way a folk musician might pick a person in different areas of the audience to sing directly to.