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Thread: Parvus Press

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    I agree, they seem to being doing things correctly with no major red flags. It is much better to have fewer books that show good or outstanding performance, rather than dozens or hundreds that show weak or non-existent returns. I don't see that they have touted bestsellers on their list. They might not have felt it important to say so. Colin has a nice little video about the submission process, and you don't see that very often. Kind of a homey, "here I am, in case your curious." Just guestimating in reference to their sales ranks on Amazon, I would think that they have no probs with paying for the production of their books. But I sure do wonder where a fairly new small press gets the $500 to $1,000 advance allotment to pay their contracted authors. Perhaps they had startup capital. I dunno, I''m intrigued by them. They're one to watch.

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