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Thread: Parvus Press

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    practical experience, FTW
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    Nov 2017
    All right. I think it's past time to CNR on this one, despite them saying a 90 day response.

    Subbed in February, didn't hear much, finally nudged September 14 because of their policy to 'nudge if you don't hear' in 90 days,' and they'd had twice that...

    ... no response to nudge, three weeks out.

    I'd really like to have worked with this press. This and one or two others, despite being small, seemed like good outfits. So this silence from them really drives the point, to me, I think, of what some of y'all say that it's kind of a rough business. Competitive, things don't always work out, and so on.


    ETA their website needs some updating too.
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