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Thread: Parvus Press

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    figuring it all out LouiseStanley's Avatar
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    Mar 2016

    Parvus Press

    Looking over the Parvus Press website since they've been on reddit recently soliciting people talking about submitting first manuscripts and they had a call for submissions on the fantasy writing subreddit I moderate. They are a new outfit and IIRC the person who posted the initial thread said they were marketers who were into SF&F in a fannish way. This makes me a little curious after reading AW's threads on this sort of thing.

    Also, I write fantasy and am currently looking for potential publishers/agents for when I finish my WIPs.

    Website is here:

    Looks fairly professional and well-designed, but you'd expect that from a marketer. The first book is available to pre-order and it's the first thing you see when you load the page. On my netbook the ad takes up the whole screen and you have to scroll down to see anything related to writers. Below the book ad there's an ad for a free critique service from Camp NaNoWriMo ( - but they can't name it - and other summer writing projects. Not sure of that tbh. Should the editorial team be working on submissions?

    Some of the text trumpets 'higher royalties than industry norms' and all that jazz. However, the credentials seem OK ( - there's a pro editor on board, although he doesn't state which NYT bestsellers or houses he's worked with.

    To be honest I'd consider them if I look back in mid-2017 or whenever my book's actually going to be ready and find they've put out more work. However, IIRC from what I've read here it's still prudent to wait and see for a bit longer. Meanwhile, I've pre-ordered their first book, a short (~150 pp), old-school-sounding military space opera title - not what I write but usually in the same stables as the fantasy I write.

    Any thoughts?

    EDIT - sorry about the html mess-up.
    Last edited by LouiseStanley; 08-31-2016 at 01:45 PM.

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