OK, I have a strange question. First of all I've been writing a long time, but have a chronic illness which is pretty debillitating most of the time. I've recently managed to find what I need to be able to be about 50 - 60% as functional as a regular person. I love writing. Always have. I struggled, wrote, and self-published a few things back in 2011, but never did any promotional work. Never sold anything either or even got any reviews. Actually one book got a one-star review and I've recently removed it and decided to discontinue it. But my question is, is it too late to promote my fiction work? There are 3 flash fiction stories, 2 short stories, and a poetry chapbook in total now. I'm working on a wine guide, a recipe book, as well as working on freelance writing/admin, whatever I can do to get by, promoting myself, as well as reinvinting my brand, with a whole new image, business cards, website, blog, and all.

Or should I just scrap the lot and start over with a brand new set of things? I have a really great short story that I recently entered into a short story competition. It's my best work yet, with a few more on the way. I'll probably head over to the section where people share stuff for others to read at some point as well.

If I can promote it at all how do I go about it? Maybe getting people to actually read it and write reviews? Any suggestions? Criticisms? I can take it. Being sick, I get more criticism than you'd imagine.

Thanks for reading.
Layla Rose