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Thread: Social media really is my Achilles heel

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    Social media really is my Achilles heel

    I'm an indie author, and currently enjoying every bit of the success that implies. I really WANT to change that. I WANT to seize control of my fate and actively do something to improve my sales. The internet, from what I'm told, is the way to do it for people like me.

    I just don't know how.

    I am on the autistic spectrum and socialising is really hard for me. Yes, that includes online. Consequently I have never really learned how online socialising really works, as I find it hard to get interested in faceless strangers. But writing is my one ambition, and I have to TRY.

    The only social sites I have any kind of presence on is this one, Facebook, Goodreads, and Fantasy Faction. I'm finding that last one good for company, but not so much for reaching a wider reader base. Facebook and Goodreads, I just don't really understand how to make use of.

    Given my limited energy for this stuff, I feel my efforts are best concentrated on one or two sites. Is anyone more savvy than me willing to give me some tips?
    Just what ARE mailing lists? How do non-friends see posts I put up on the FB page I have set aside for book matters, and how do I make better use of it? These are the kinds of things I need to force myself to learn.

    Well, that's my post. Because wallowing in dejection gets old after a while.

    EDIT: Put more simply, I guess I'm looking for social media mentor. If I'm not asking too much.
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