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Thread: Princess Fairy Tale Anthology

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    Princess Fairy Tale Anthology

    Princess Fairy Tale Anthology Call:

    Word Count: 1,000-40,000

    We are looking for fairy tale retellings featuring princesses. Whether it be Snow White, Rapunzel, or one of the lesser know princesses, we will consider them all! We will consider any sub-genre. If you want to make a Cinderella story in space, send it. Sleeping Beauty horror? Yes please. Steampunk Little Mermaid? Go ahead. Erotica Rapunzel? We're interested.

    YES, erotica is accepted!

    Response Time: Please allow up to two weeks. After that, if you don't hear from us then feel free to give us a little nudge.

    Payment: Starting out, we will be paying a half cent per word. All payments will be made using Paypal.

    Editing: Yes, your story will be edited if we decide to accept it. After we go through and edit your story, it will then be sent back to you for final approval.

    If you are interested in submitting a story, please pm me and I will send you my email. In the subject line please type SUBMISSION: [Your Story Title Here]. In the body of your email, please include your name, genre, and word count. If the story is under 1,000 words, you may paste the text in the body of the email, otherwise please attach it. As a bonus, if you are a member of Absolute Write, you can include your AW username.

    We will list all published authors and illustrators on our site. Once you have a story (or artwork) accepted for publication, we will post a little author bio up on our site with a list of all published pieces (published by FDM).

    Fantasia Divinity Magazine
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