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Thread: Want to Write Every Day? Join me in this 30-Day Challenge!

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    Want to Write Every Day? Join me in this 30-Day Challenge!

    Hello there fellow pen-wielders,

    We all realize that writing daily is the surest way to develop voice, improve various skills, build a portfolio, etc.

    Doing it, though, is often another matter. With no accountability, it is all too easy to let life get in the way, let a day slip-- a week-- a month... too much time.

    My simple attempt to combat this challenge is a blog of writing challenges and inspiration.

    Every day, for the next 30 days, I will post an interesting picture there, and invite you to join me in coming up with some piece for it. The following day I will edit the post to include what I wrote for that day, and post the new day's picture. I would be thrilled if you shared your challenge writing in the comments (a link to a blog or one of the forums I list in the challenge announcement might work best space-wise).

    Fulfilling writing to you all!

    Ms. Pencila
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