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Thread: Hard-line Blogging

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    Hard-line Blogging

    I like to feel that I give the hard-line dope on writing, publishing and the industry. I think most of you know that. I'm Harlan Ellison's shadow wisp--his little (figurative) younger brother. I pull no punches, and so far no one has run for the nails and rope or tar. I take on some difficult subjects in my blog Guerilla Warfare for Writers (special weapons and tactics to even your odds). Topics that nobody wants to touch. I'm celebrating my fifth year and just over 37,000 views. Nothing spectacular. God knows if I wrote about UFOs or Bigfoot, I'd probably be swimming in members.

    I have 160 faithful, who I love. I recently lost 17 members in a computer glitch of some kind and it was devastating to me. I rarely toot my books. It's straight commentary and serious information. Some of it is embarrassing and/or controversial. I'm an not really a Debbie Downer or pessimist. I am, a very satisfied and happy author.

    You can browse through 122 topics. I'm sure there will be something that pisses you off or makes you sigh. I would love, love, love to have you come by and check it out. Join GWFW and let the bodies hit the floor. Comments? I triple-dog-dare ya!

    Recently, Celebrity Blurbs.


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