So a friend of mine is opening an Etsy business in hopes to expand to other platforms. She asked me to make her a logo, the sketch already done by someone else. All I had to do, was do lineart and pick a color scheme, typeface, not think anything up. It was bleh, but it was easy.
She offered $40. Given that she's using that logo to make money, I thought, whoa lady, add a zero, but then I was like, I have zero credentials in that category and I need money urgently - no job, huge move ahead - and it's not that much work. So I reluctantly accepted and got it done. I sent in a progress pic and she decided it was finished while I still thought it was fugly, so I'm kinda worried about her overall investment in the enterprise.

Then she asks for another logo, also with the sketch provided, and that silly thing really just takes me 30 or 40 minutes to complete. This put me in a pickle though as $40 is already sad, but if the other, more elaborate one was $40, the hell is this worth? I literally just cut away some corners from a rectangle, slapped a word on it, and added 5 circles. So I went and proposed $25.

She wants two more. One just a colourless shape to stamp on items, but for me to design from scratch. Problem, because I'm no good at design and it would take me a lot of time to create something decent, though she has something in mind. Another one, a full figure drawing with a piece of furniture. For the latter she said she can pay me "$40 to $100", but that right there has a huge range and I'm sure we have different ideas about what end of that range I should be paid at. Given her previous stingy offer of $40...

But now she screwed the pooch, who is I. When I sent her the offer of $25 - after she's bragged about a prospective revenue of $5000 a month - she was like, "Oh no, I meant $40 for the first two and the stamp one (THREE things!!), otherwise I'd be paying like $25 more than I was offered by someone else". OMG $25 out of what was it, $5000? She also promises 2% of the profits. IF her ambitions turn into anything of substance, that is.

I'm not sure. Seriously. I'm in desperate need for money, but working more than 4 hours for $40 when the client is making profit off my work, like, it sounds unethical and exploitative of my situation. 3 commercial designs for $40. I've never done commercial design or logos at all, never worked for companies, just private commissions of animal characters. I dunno how to feel about this. Like, those designs are drawing all the money, no? Any thoughts? "Beggars can't be choosers" or "Aw hayle nah"?