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I think the proposal might be better coming from your friend with the literary journal since he is already part of the literary scene in your country. You could make the proposal from both of you, but no one is just going to hand over $3,000 just because you have a plan in mind. Even if it's a great plan, just who the application is coming from can make a difference. And I wouldn't ask for money that you think will fund your project for ten years. If you demonstrate that your concept is working first, you might have a better shot.

I used to work for a European publication that I know got grants to pay writers, but it was very specific as to who was going to be writing and what they would be writing about. I know at least one of the grants came from America, but I don't know any of the specifics.

I am all for taking a stand against corruption, but artists grants are pretty competitive no matter where you are.