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Thread: How many things do you have on submission?

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    How many things do you have on submission?

    How many things do you guys have on submission or how many submissions do you have out? I've got 25 out right now. I am trying to maintain that as my minimum. It goes up and down a little. And sometimes a bunch of rejections come at once, and that makes it hard. But I am dedicated to short story writing. And, for some reason, I think I will eventually write something that someone will want. I will admit that not every story I have ever written is on submission. They all have been at some point, but some of them I just don't think are worth it. I can do better now. Just curious, how many things you try keep on submission? We're all producing new work on a regular basis. Do you keep all of your stories of submission? How many places do you typically send a story to at the same time? Do you have a minimum number of submissions you try to keep out there?
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