I haven't had any dealings with this company personally, and I've never heard of them until a couple days ago. They're a small poetry publisher who have published a few people I've seen before in my Poets and Writers magazine. I have every reason to believe they're perfectly upfront and honest with all their authors about everything.

But I think they're notable now, and I do think a warning is warranted because of what the co-owner of the publishing house pulled.


WordTech is composed of two individuals: Lori Jareo and Kevin Walzer. Lori manages the daily business and production operations, while Kevin manages the editorial selection process and book/web design.
If you haven't heard about it already, Lori Jareo is the author responsible for Another Hope, a fanfiction novel set in the Star Wars universe. She printed the book using the name of her publishing company. We discuss that here. Making Light talks about it as does Lee Goldberg.

They're aware of the controversy as they've changed around the urls of their website's internal pages to delink the traffic from all the blogs talking about it. (In fact, the publisher's website was down for a couple days. It just came back up. Her personal site is still down.)

As I said, for all I know WordTech is the greatest poetry publisher in the world. But I would definitely want to be aware of the controversy before I allowed them to publish something of mine the future.