Dear agents,

I've got two related questions that have been kind of concerning me. I've published one horror novel under my real name, but I've decided to switch to a pen name due to the fact that I'm now a teacher. I would like to keep my professional and author lives separate. So, when my next book is finished, I'm going to query agents, and I'm not sure how to proceed. Should I introduce myself as (Real Name), author of X book, and now I'm publishing under Y pen name?

Second, I've been warned that agents sometimes reject manuscripts simply because they think the pen name is stupid. Have you ever done this? Can you give examples of ridiculous pen names? I'm scared that the pen name I've picked out might get rejected, because the first name is Felix (which is a common German name and was assigned to me as a student in German class for many years). The surname is English, easily pronounceable, etc.

Thanks for your time.