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It's not necessary to respond to a retweet. Do so if you wish or not. Chances are, the user who retweeted you already forgot about it by the time you sent a reply.

I use twitter for comedy and get hundreds of retweets every day. I'd go nuts trying to thank everyone. I do blanket "Thanks" messages every few days.
Thanks for your response. I originally asked this question some time back, but it's interesting to come back now and review the answers I got, having played on Twitter quite a bit over the last few months.

I've been sending a "thanks for the RT" tweet when someone retweets my blog posts, but then I started wondering if that made my tweet stream look rather dull, so I've switched to mixing it up with trying to RT something of theirs instead. It can be a bit of a problem when I can't find anything they've tweeted that I want to share with my followers, though.