Hi you all,

I was reflecting about one of the songs we sang at our church last night, and wanted to share it. I think it's very little-known (if anybody really likes it PM me and I'll try to dig up how you can access the music?) but it deserves better. It just really struck me this time. We sang several of the traditional hymns, which sometimes get really heavy on the guilt and blood, and then we sang this one which doesn't whitewash a single thing and yet manages, every time, to move me instead of feeling heavy and dark. To a really simple little tune (think folk tune):

Hallelujah, my Father
For giving us your Son,
Sending him into the world
To be given up for us
Knowing we would bruise him
And smite from the earth
Hallelujah, my Father
In his death is my birth
Hallelujah, my Father
In his life is my life.

I think it speaks for the power of simplicity.