Ancestry of Celine Dion

The story of Celine Dion starts... in Tourouvre (Perche, Orne, France) in 1592!

From the Perche (France) to Las Vegas…

Her ancestor Jean was named "Guyon". He was a mason who spent his career in Mortagne (Perche, Orne, France) up to 1634, year of his departure to "La Nouvelle-France" in Canada.

September 18th 1592! While Henri IV tried to conquer his Kingdom, the parish of Tourouvre in Le Perche has been the scene of a modest event. On the parish registers, the priest records the baptismal certificate of a new parishioner in latin:
"Johannes filius Jacobi Guyon er Maria eus uxoris...". His father is a notable, his mother is Marie Huet.
We do not know precisely how his childhood liked like but we found his name mentioned on an act of May 18th, 1614 when he lent money to a ploughman of Autheuil.
One year later, the priest of the parish Saint-Jean de Mortagne writes on a register: "On June 12, 1615, Jehan Guyon, of the parish Tourouvre, and Mathurine Robin, of this parish, were married."

At 42 years old, ten days after the birth of his last child, Jean Guyon will yield to the proposals of Robert Giffard, doctor, cantor of the emigration to Quebec and decides to leave France to make colony in New-France.
In March 1634, Jean and his family, except for his daughter Barbe and his son-in-law who will join the rest of the family in Beauport in 1652, leaves Mortagne. Embarked in Dieppe, the Guyon family will arrive, after two months of sailing, to the mouth of the Saint-Laurent river in June 1634.

Years after years, his children and descendants gave birth to generations of Guyon, renamed Guion or Dion. They are settled in Quebec, Canada and in USA. Adhemar Dion, father of Celine, native from Charlemagne, is a descendant of Jean Guyon, the first son of the pioneer mason.

source: after an article of Michel Ganivet published in the weekly newspaper Le Perche (January 1st, 1998).