Hello playwrights,

I've only even written screenplays until this point. But a little over a year ago I started working front of house in a very large theatre in London, and since then I've started thinking in terms of stage much more than camera/screen.

I had an idea for a play I'm following up on. Most of it will take place in the same two places (possibly, all of it), but for the start, I have a very short (5-10 minute) scene that will take place in one location.
Then the next scene is 5-10 minutes again, and then another one back in the first location, and then back to the second (but this time we stay there longer).

Basically, what happens when the case is two locations and we jump from one to the other?
It's perfectly stageable, as I see it, as many plays I've seen in our theatre. Though my acts at the beginning are relatively short. My worry is that readers won't respond well to it, which is what I was mostly wondering about.