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Thread: GenZ Publishing

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    GenZ Publishing

    Forgive me if this has been posted here before (I couldn't find a thread on it), but I came across this publisher recently and thought it deserved to be vetted by AW members in case some people Google it, as I found it quite jarring based on their website:

    Apparently this pub was founded by teen "literary prodigy" Morissa Schwartz, who calls herself "the voice of Generation Z" (putting these phrases in quotes to cite the website, not to mock her). Her resume is impressive, including a role on an MTV show, but it's curious to me that she founded a publishing company at such a young age. She claims she wants to help underrepresented voices (teens, I assume) get published.

    One of the red flags on the website was this knock against "traditional publishing" that felt manipulative:

    Then, there is the traditional publisher route, but it is nearly impossible to be published without being established and having an agent. Even with that, publishers receive thousands of manuscripts per week and only dozens are published. Those who are lucky enough to be published, lack creative control and are subject to the publishers’ every vision.
    Then there was this red flag:

    GenZ™ is an innovative publisher for talented authors to have their work seen, recognized, and read by millions. Unlike most publishers who only publish established writers or those with a literary agent, we published based on the author’s talent and their book’s content. GenZ™ makes dreams come true.
    Apparently they've been trying to raise money via an Indiegogo campaign, which I found a bit baffling:

    So basically, I've found myself going down this rabbit hole that is the GenZ™ (yes, they hammer that trademark home on their site) Publishing website with a combination of fascination and bewilderment, and had to share it with you all.
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