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I'd been meaning to donate again for a while, but was a little scared off when I clicked on the 'Voluntary Subscription' link and it mentioned '1 Year' subscriptions. I thought this meant it might get automatically taken out again the following year. Anyway, I was checking out another thread today and saw the 'How to Help Keep AW Afloat' signature in Ari's post there, which then led me here. The upshot is I've donated a one-off payment at an amount I could choose, and now I've seen how easy it is maybe I won't leave it so long before donating again. (I haven't looked into all the threads about voluntary subscriptions/donations, so you might've already covered this, but maybe Ari's 'HTHKAWA' post quoted above could be broken off into its own thread? It's very informative.)

Thanks for a great writing community, Mac!
There's an FAQ: AW Voluntary Subscriptions

And thanks for the help!