First, I post this in this category because I do not wish to start some kind of controversy. To me this is meant as a purely philosophical question without any kind of agenda.

Just saw this show on TV about some quest to find the Holy Grail. There seams to be as many quests as the are ideas about what this grail is supposed to be. One of the things I found weird with this show, was the narrator saying that he had actually 'seen' the Grail, referring to the mural by da Vinci. (who lived some 1.500 years after the lifetime of the alledged Messiah)

And then it dawned on me that maybe the Holy Grail is an acceptance of the Christian religion. And that therefore the Grail is not an item, (or a bloodline) but an idea, or an epiphany or something.

I am an atheist and wouldn't really know what it means to embrace a religion, I just wanted to put this thought out there. Simply because I am curious and like to learn more.