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Thread: Language rant moved from OP

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    Language rant moved from OP

    It is just me or does some use of the language seem to you like some slacker ghetto slang? You know, by Justin Beiber hipster wannabe types.

    gifting = giving, donating, contributing, favouring
    trialing = trying, testing
    mechanical doping = fraud

    [edited to add]
    adorbs = (childish) saccharin from an adult mouth

    It's like the container of our minds has shrunk to the allotment of a text message. Why is this "dumbed down" being promoted to people by the media?! I hope there is (at least) some conspirational thought behind it and we're not simply slipping into a literate Dark Age on our own.

    I haven't made a list or anything - I try to block this and emoji out of my mind - but when I see it (usually there use coupled "complimented" with really badly grammer) I get a feeling our species is approachig a point in time beyond the curve; when the present people who do not know how to communicate with each other without Facebook updates become incapable of the basic literate expression.

    As a writer, this irks me. As a writer who cares about the craft, being aware the barriers to publishing are crumbling to commercialized interests in vanity publishing overcoming the more humble pride in self-expression, I intuit this opened value to dross must eventually devalue everyone's work in the marketplace with its flood.
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