G'day, just joined and looking forward to reading all your posts and finding my way around. In the meantime, I'm pulling my hair out trying to get info about ebooks and print-on-demands for us Aussies, and wondering if anyone in here has gone down that road. I know I can get ebooks up on Amazon without losing too much more hair, but want to know about print-on-demand separate from the CreateSpace option, also about payment by Amazon to Aussies (I believe they still pay by cheque - which century are we in again?) but apart from all that, would just love to hear from any Aussies in this forum. Maybe we could start a group - I say "we" because at this stage I have NO idea how to start a group in here, heck I'm not even sure if this post will even appear but fingers crossed. C'mon Aussie c'mon, let me know you're out there and I'm not alone!