Hello to all, I'm a newbie here.
Not sure it's right subforum to ask my question, but...

Ok, I have big problem. No, to tell the truth, I have very big problem.
For my book I want to work with watercolor artist from China.
And here is the core of the problem. Than you begins to speak with artists from Japan/Korea/China, (in they native language, because usual they dont' speak or don't write English) they are very kind, they ask question about project, tell price per picture (you agree with those price) and... completely disappear in silence after it.
Two years I try to break this iron wall.
Unfortunately, in Russia, there I live, don't exist art-agencies, no-one works with Asia (I try to find right people here, believe me!) in creative works.

I understand, what the main reason here os next: "we will work only with established agents in our land" (as example - "I can’t take request from international publishing organisations, I think if there is an agent who speaks Chinese and has a good reputation, I’ll discuss with him about the request then." (c)

But I'm unagented, I'm only beginning author, I'm don't have contacts, - all I have it's money, to pay artist for work.
Can someone help me in this case, friends, because I'm really reach my limits and tired to pay the translators for work without result?

PS Yes, I try to write letters to the Hong Kong and American art agencies - silence was the answer to me.

Thank you and forgive for my poor English.