(This is a post by AW Admin, Lisa Spangenberg, linking a timeline about Amazon and its development and history in relation to writers, readers, and publishers, which I think is a valuable reference for us, so with her permission, I am making this a Stickie. Original is posted in her blog, floccinaucical.com)

"I've been tracking this for years; I'm behind in updating my timeline but:

Amazon, The DOJ, Publishers, and Readers: A Timeline

And in the nature of disclosure, I'm a current Apple stockholder and sometime consultant, and registered developer. And I (really, truly) helped invent the ebook working at Voyager, consulting for publishers and the Open Ebook Consortium which gave us the epub file format.

I want books and writers to thrive. I want printed books and digital books to flourish. I value trade publishing, scholarly publishing, independent publishers (i.e. not Big 5 but, like W. W. Norton, on their own) and self-publishing.

Amazon seeks to control all of them. "