A few weeks ago, I submitted an article to a national magazine with a circulation of 200,000. The editor accepted it for online-only publication and gushed to me about what a great story it was.

There was no fluff in the story. It was tight, clean copy. Yet the editor trimmed it from 1,100 words down to 800, needlessly removing the biographical information on the story's subject.

Two weeks after the story came out, the subject wrote to me and said the editor and her photographer recently came to meet with him because she wants to do a full print spread on him for her magazine.

I see now why the editor cut the biographical part from my article. She plans to use it in her own longer piece. In other words, instead of asking me to expand my story, she assigned it to herself.

This was an enterprise story on an obscure character doing obscure things. It's not as if I was the third or fourth writer to cover him. I was the first. And, while this was my first time dealing with this particular magazine, I'm an experienced writer/journalist with plenty of published clips to demonstrate I'd do a quality job on a longer print story.

Have you ever seen this type of behavior? Should I call her out on it?