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Thread: FANTASY Author Cross-Promo Opportunity

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    FANTASY Author Cross-Promo Opportunity

    Hey all,

    So in the interest of building up my mailing list some more before the launch of my second book, I've decided to try my hand at running a cross-promo specifically for fantasy books. I'm going to be giving away 50 ebooks and a kindle fire, and need 49 other authors to participate. The purpose of this promo is to collect email addresses from fantasy readers as well as Facebook Likes and Twitter follows. Any book sales you may get from participating are a bonus. If you are interested, read on!

    PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a promotional service and am not doing this for profit. There is a small buy-in, but it's only to cover the cost of the prizes and advertising expense. This is an experiment and a way to bring other authors of my genre together, and is not intended to be a regular service offered as a way to make money for myself. I do not have a hundreds of thousands of email subscribers or an enormous following (though my numbers ARE decent and growing daily) like these other services do, so it's entirely possible this may end up being a crapshoot. But it could also end up being super successful. So make sure you weigh your options before deciding to participate because I am not a promotional service company and I do not offer any guarantees.


    1. The book you are submitting for the cross-promo MUST be a fantasy novel. I'm willing to consider all fantasy sub-genres, but books that are not fantasy novels will not be considered.

    2. If selected, you must be willing to pay a $10 buy-in. This covers the cost of your ebook (which I'll be purchasing to gift to the winner), the cost of the kindle, and any advertising and promo expenses on my part to promote the giveaway.

    3. Your ebook must be priced at $2.99 or less so that I can buy it and gift it to the reader. If you don't want to drop the price on your book, you can also just pay me the difference on it -- shoot me a PM and I'll send you an adjusted invoice.

    4. You MUST, MUST, MUST be willing to share the giveaway with your newsletter subscribers and on your social media pages. The success of this cross promo DEPENDS on utilizing the collective fanbase of the participating authors, and will fail if said authors do not promote the giveaway to their own fans.

    Still interested? Fill out the form so you can be considered. Make sure to read all the information at the top of the form before you do so, and that your answers are complete as possible. Thanks!

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to PM me or post them in this thread!
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