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In an earlier thread, you were asking for books to review for your blog, but you never actually posted the address of your blog.

May we have that either in the old thread or this one?

You're coming in here, asking people to help you with promoting your blog/books, but we have no way to see who you are or what you're doing without some kind of contact information.

I hate to be the suspicious sort, but hey, I'm the suspicious sort.
Sure, no problem. My blog is at www.jasminewalt.com/blog. I'm a new author and as I explained this is my first cross-promo so I'm not pretending to offer any guarantees. But I've already got 25 sign ups and the line-up is looking quite promising so far. Also, I might be new but my book is doing very well on Amazon and I'm building up a nice email list to spring this promo off of already.