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Thread: Games that change you

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    Games that change you

    I am committing a mortal sin. I am linking a listicle. But it's Keith Stuart in the Guardian, whose games journalism I actually really like, and this is both a good list and one that is, I think, interesting on its own merits, clickbaity headline aside.

    (Caveat: a lot of journalists don't write their own headlines. It's a specialized job. So when you see awful clickbaity headlines, don't immediately blame the journo. It's often some editorial intern's fault.)

    What really struck me about this though is how many different styles there are. I've played just under half that list, and am familiar with most of the rest, and I don't think any of them are in there without good cause. The graphical fidelity, the subjects, the art style, the game mechanics--all of these things vary. I always find it frustrating that games as a culture get sucked into these discussions of superficiality. Part of what I like about Stuart is he covers so much stuff.

    Also, Passage. Passage is amazing. If you haven't at least seen it, go find a YouTube video. No spoilers. It's an amazing five minutes.

    And there's an RPG Maker game in there, which is nice because everyone dumps on that engine and with any engine it's all about how you use it.

    So yeah, it's late. I'm ranting.

    What are some games that have changed you? Should more games try to be like these or more like the big entertainment vehicles (which, to be clear, I'd say have a strong purpose of their own)?
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