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I live in Seattle proper and I'm a member of TPS. I wrote a two-act drama that I want a table reading (NOT a stage one yet; it's not ready) for. Can I just post an audition notice on TPS' site? I'm not with a theatre company; I'm just me. The play's not copyrighted because I want actors' feedback before I take that step. There's a point in the play where you can tell I got flustered and shoved a bunch of scenes together that don't make sense in such order. I waaaant advice on how to correct that, among other things.
If it matters, I've written four drafts of it with an editor and read a ton (eg this isn't "first draft is final and perfect!" syndrome). It's time to move onto getting other feedback. When I do get a table-read, where should I rent space? I was thinking a nearby library. Renting at a theatre would be like a stage reading, which, again, not quite ready. This would be an unpaid gig at this point, which makes me think, again, wait.
And uh. This play has twenty-four people in it. It's intended for community or amateur theatre, and I will be so excited to get it workshopped.

How did the rest of you go about arranging your table-readings, and actually experiencing them?
Any advice is welcome!