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Thread: FAQ: Setting Your AW Post Editor Preferences

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    FAQ: Setting Your AW Post Editor Preferences

    The "new" version of vBulletin uses "Ajax," a special set of Web Browser routines that use JavaScript for parts of the Interface. Some browsers do not work well with the way vBulletin has implemented Ajax, and so when composing or editing posts you may notice oddities like the cursor exhibiting behaviors that appear to suggest demonic possession; this includes odd "jumping" behavior, strange problems with text selection, etc.

    Sometimes this is a problem with your browser locally, and shutting down all the browser windows and re-starting takes care of the problem.

    Set your AW Post Editor to the Standard Editor instead of the WYSIWYG editor.

    To Set your Editor Preferences

    1. Click Settings (top right)
    2. Scroll down to the My Account section on the left
    3. Click General Settings
    4. Scroll down to Miscellaneous Options
    5. In the Message Editor Interface section, click the radio button next to Standard Editor
    6. Scroll down and click Save Changes on the bottom right.

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