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Some writers say we should name our main characters, even in flash fiction, but I'm finding exceptions to that advice and most of them make sense in the context of the story...
I do agree with this, that there can be exceptions (and sometimes should be exceptions) to what some writers say about naming protagonists. I've read plenty of flash-fiction (in the form of flash and drabbles) in which characters are not named. Sometimes, characters are not even human. Sometimes, they're not even alive in the traditional sense (though anthropomorphised, perhaps). I read one that was told from the POV of a house, and it really worked quite well.

Sometimes, the lack of a name can lend an air of mystery to a character. Sometimes you want the reader to be unsure of the character's gender, or age, or you want to leave clues about their identity by the way the character moves and speaks. I love to read a "mystery character" and try to figure out who or what that character is by the way the author writes it.