I was walking past a hospital chapel this afternoon when a phrase sprang to mind - "bless me father, it's been a long time since my last confession" or something like that. I know I didn't include the part "for I have sinned".

I've never been part of the Roman Catholic church or any other church that required confession, so that must have come from watching movies or tv or reading. I was an Episcopalian from about age 24 - 40ish and it's optional and rarely used apparently. I never went to confession.

As a former Episcopalian, the phrase "Peace be with you" (standard liturgical greeting between service attendees) has sprung to mind more frequently, and I sometimes use that to close letters or emails.

Now, as a Unitarian Universalist, that's not part of our services - there is no UU liturgy - but I could still say it when greeting others. "Peace be with you" seems like a good thing to say for many, most, all people, regardless of their religious / non-religious persuasion.

Are there any bits of a former religion you remember - and maybe might still use or at least consider valuable?

As an offshoot, I know many former Christians who still enjoy singing the Christmas songs they grew up with. I'm one of those, even though I don't believe some of the words anymore and those particular parts kinda stick in my throat. I might hum through those and then pick up the other words ...